Refused Medical Treatment Because of Face Covering? Here’s your Response

Every day we are hearing stories from inidividuals who have been refused medical treatment because they cannot wear a face covering. This is causing trauma across our communities and many people are both upset and humiliated by the attitude of so called medical professionals.

Well, these medical ‘professionals’ are in breach of International Human Rights Laws and by refusing medical treatment, for any reason, they are committing a crime. If you have been declined medical help, we have prepared a draft letter which you can personalise and send to your GP. This can be adapted for both Irish jurisdictions, so don’t hesitate to make the necessary changes.

People are Upset and Humiliated Daily by Medical Practitioners

5 thoughts on “Refused Medical Treatment Because of Face Covering? Here’s your Response

  1. Victor Fry

    I am not Irish I am Saxon. Off course those persons refusing to give medical treatment are not only animals but need to be hung draw and quartered. Beaning made to wear a mask against ones will, or you get no medical help no food no travel and are locked down Ostersized by self righteous biggits is Blackmail.
    Have joined your country’s branch of, Freedom Alliance because there seems to be no branch in the country I live in.
    Why are humans failing for this hoax seems the world has become gutless. All those honest upright good young English, Irish, and Scottish men that died in 2 World wars for what? This.
    I am 75 years old now so at my age there is not much I can do. When are you all going to wake up and stop what is happening or are you just going to sit behind your keyboard and wait for the end.?

  2. Mary Doherty

    My story is I’m not allowed to visit a care home where one of my relatives resides because I am exempt from wearing a Face covering.
    I have sent two letters to the Manager of the home pointing out I have a Reasonable excuse under part 5 (a) (i) which excuses me from wearing a Face covering and about my fundamental rights and Constitutional rights to no avail.
    I can have a window visit which I had on 2nd April 2021, I could only spend ten minutes visiting because it was extremely cold and the person I was visiting said she was getting cold too.
    I want to know what to do now?


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