2 thoughts on “Professor Dolores Cahill on the Care Home Scandal

  1. Lisa

    My mother-in-law lived in a care home. Thr lockdown was severely. No one in or out. All residents weren’t allowed to mingle or leave their rooms. The staff had to wear full frontal suits, shields and masks. Yet, she and several other residents and staff contracted covid. She recovered from covid and was sent back to the care home from the hospital. She later died from copd. They called it a covid death.

    1. Fergal Patrick Kearney

      We all have individual stores Lisa. My 87 year old dad suffering from vascular dementia and prostate cancer has been mercilessly exposed to the tyrants. In the few weeks since he got his ‘jab’ he has become jaundiced, lethargic and mute. These monsters need to be exposed and called before a tribunal on crimes against humanity. Thankfully, that is happening. Let us support it from now and until these tyrants are tried imprisoned. And we mean that loosely. Nuremberg 1945 applies still to these bastards.


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