Lockdown Effects on Parents and their Children

Kathy Gray is a teacher in the community in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In this short film she recounts how the hopelessness and despair of lockdown has longstanding negative impacts on parents and their children. She also tells us how the Northern Ireland Executive is withholding vital information on the medical crisis that they created.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Effects on Parents and their Children

  1. Fergal Patrick Kearney

    Thank you Kathy for your honesty. I am not a father, but I am an Uncle and a friend to all the children that I know. Their company is amazing. Then I hear from James today that he and his classmates must wear a mask all day. This monstrous regime must change. I will lead on it and make sure the my amazing James is not part of the destruction of his amazing life, his vision and the fascism in our schools.

  2. V

    I nearly lost a daughter who tried to take her own life twice in the first lockdown and again in the latest lockdown, due in a large part to the evil restrictions imposed, without any comment or reply from any assembly members in Northern Ireland to my many letters. These politicians no longer represent the people of Northern Ireland. They think they are above the law. My son has developed an eating disorder during the lockdown. Cowardly children’s welfare officers at schools are sitting on their hands over the greatest welfare issues to children in generations. Teenage students are suffering in classes masked and believing they have little future and their depressed states ignored. Why are politicians using leisure centres and the SSE arena for testing and vaccination centres? Trying to taint all our recreational facilities with the memory of this virus and justify closing them for longer. Robin Swann should be tried crimes against the people of Northern Ireland and banished from our country for good, along with all his corrupt and dishonest sidekicks. You all know their names by now. Their crimes are tantamount to serious child abuse under the cover of Covid legislation.


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