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If you are a resident of the Republic of Ireland, your regulations may differ from those in Northern Ireland and Great Britain. We have prepared a series of bespoke templates that you can tailor to send to your own doctor or medical care professional or transportation company. All of these templates are based on current medical and legal advice, but we invite you to take note of our disclaimer at the top of each page. We do hope that these will help you to defend your rights and those of your family during these disturbing times. We would also like to hear some personal testimonials as to how you get on.

  1. Detention and Testing in Care Homes – Non Consent Form

If you are concerned about your dependent being detained or tested within their care home setting, you should use this Non Consent Form which should be issued to both the Care Home Manager and the Director General of the HSE.

2. GP Request for Exemption Cerfificate for Public Transport

If you are refused service on public transport for not wearing a face covering, you are protected under the relevant disability laws in the State. However, we understand that many people would like the comfort of a Letter of Exemption from their GP and we have prepared the following template to request this.

3. GP Request for Exemption Certificate for Retail and Hospitality

If you are refused entry or denied service in any shop, retail outlet or hospitality setting, you are already protected under the relevant disability laws in the State. We understand however that many people have been distressed at being refused entry to premises upon demand of ‘proof’ of disability. While it is illegal for anyone to ask for proof of disability, this template letter might give you more confidence when out and about.

4. Complaint Letter for Refusal of Entry to Retail or Hospitality

It is illegal for any retail or hospitality premises to refuse entry for not wearing a face covering when you have a medical or other exemption. Despite this, there are numerous times when people are refused entry or service in these premises. If you have been subjected to any such refusal of service, this Letter of Complaint should be sent to both the Retail Manager and if relevant to their Headquarters Chief Executive and/or Chief Operating Officer.

5. Declaration of Exemption to Wearing a Face Covering

You should not be stopped from entering any premises if you are exempt from wearing a face covering for medical or other reasons. It might however be helpful to carry this Declaration of Exemption if you are challenged by any person upon entering any Relevant Premises as described in Statutory Instrument no 296 of 2020. Refusal of entry or service is illegal under the relevant Disability Legislation in the State and is a criminal offence.