Our Way Forward to Freedom

There are many thousands of people across these islands and millions more worldwide who understand that this current health crisis is a trojan horse to introduce a new era for humanity. Relationships between people and their families, communities, governments and nations will be changed fundamentally.

That this process has been achieved by distortion of the truth, and coercion through fear and division should alert us to the dangers.

Slemish Mountain in County Antrim Where St Patrick Spent Seven Years as a Slave

Whatever this is called, be it the New Normal, The Great Reset, Building Back Better or any of these other phrases which have crept into our consciousness over the past year is irrelevant. It will mean totalitarian control of every aspect of our lives and social structures, and the loss of autonomy and freedom as sovereign beings, achieved by centuries of civilisation.

Across the island of Ireland there are perhaps thousands of individuals and groups, working to counter the propaganda of our governments. Ordinary people are producing a verifiable counter-narrative which refutes the disinformation and psychological abuse, spewed from every mainstream platform on a loop for over a year now.  

Many people are experiencing censorship, intimidation and the threat of loss of livelihood. This is likely to get worse, particularly if opposition to these plans is perceived as being effective. While good and effective work is being done, people are often working in parallel, duplicating the efforts of others. Collaboration is necessary, and to this end, this paper lays out a suggested pathway for the future.

Freedom Alliance on the island of Ireland

Freedom Alliance on the island of Ireland is a collaborative framework whereby people from diverse political and community backgrounds across the land can work as one. It is vital that we pool resources and cooperate to defeat this imminent threat to our human family.

We are working in collaboration with Freedom Alliance in England, Scotland and Wales, with whom we are affiliated, and under the umbrella of the World Freedom Alliance. In Britain, FA is constituted as a political party. We however have the autonomy to organise in whatever way our members decide.

Church Island and Lough Beg near Bellaghy

The Independent Model of political representation.

Given the complex historical relationships on the island of Ireland, FA have agreed to follow the independent model of political organisation. We will therefore not constitute as a political party, but will cooperate to select community representatives, and electoral candidates going forward, in each area who will promote our fundamental principles, but who will be otherwise free to represent their electorate as they see fit.

The independent model of politics delivers direct representation. It is a counter to the control, corruption and incompetence which is the hallmark of much of our current political activity. Independent representatives are accountable directly to their electorate and are not constrained by a party’s rules and policies. They are responsible for their own decisions, and are often in a position to shine a light on the corruption and cronyism which is the sad reality of much of our political scene. Independent representation means that  “The Party is Over”.

Simone Weil, the French philosopher and political activist wrote a pamphlet on this subject “On the Abolition of Political Parties” which is as relevant today as when it was written in the 1943.

What we Believe.

Freedom Alliance on the Island of Ireland has agreed the following fundamental principles.

The Freedom Alliance will protect and uphold the sovereign and inalienable rights of the people; their right to life, bodily autonomy, movement, speech, association, to own property and to religious practice.

We affirm that the legitimacy of government comes from the consent of the people alone. We seek a system which pledges to be the guardians of civil and religious liberty under God, for all.

We demand full accountability at all levels, and an end to corruption in public, statutory and corporate office.

We affirm that the rights of individuals, families and communities come before those of regional, national or supranational bodies.

These are not negotiable, but outside of these, members can advocate for any policies which serve their electorate’s interests.   


We need grow our community. To that end, we propose a programme called “Exercise your Rights”, a mental health support group where people meet at an arranged point in their own communities, towns or cities every Saturday at 3 pm, (or whenever they decide locally) and walk, talk, meet and share ideas to devise a counterstrategy to this treason. Isolation and fear are the tools of the enemy.

We do not use the word “protest”, this is a support group, where people can feel safe. This model seems less likely to be subject to harassment by state enforcers.


We propose that you circulate this document for consideration by all the groups and individuals on this island who are currently working to challenge the totalitarian new world order. This is a global emergency.

We are the many, they are the few.

Find us at www.freedom-alliance.org

Welcome to The Freedom Alliance

A very warm welcome to The Freedom Alliance, the umbrella group for upholding our civil and human rights across the island of Ireland. We are a partner of the Freedom Alliance UK, which is a political party, but at this moment in our evolution, we are a campaign group.

The period since March 2020, when governments the world over started their illegal lockdowns, has presented many personal and societal challenges. Our aim is to take direct action against these deeply unjust and unwarranted measures by our governments. It is also our aim to give common voice and direction to the many thousands across the island of Ireland who are deeply opposed to the tyranny that has been unleashed upon our people. And we can take comfort from the fact that we are an active part of a growing global Freedom Alliance Movement.

We as a society have been through a year of unprecedented propaganda, churned out by lying governments via a compliant mainstream media. What they have actually inflicted on the citizens that they represent has been psychological warfare, using distorted statistics, diagnostic manipulations and medical historical amnesia as cover in pursuit of the real government agenda, namely total societal control.

This psychological warfare on the general public has taken the form of messaging, using the relentless repetition of words, phrases and ideas not only daily but hourly. They transmit these messages throughout the day on all TV and radio stations, breaking news reports, print journalism (whether medically or non-medically related), signage on roadways, business windows and doorways. This is a war crime.

We contend that the use of coronavirus in this way is essentially the mental abuse of enitre nations and is a crime against humanity.

The latest aspect of this crime is encouraging acceptance of an unproven ‘vaccine’ which is consistent with unethical human experimentation. This includes denying actual informed consent and promoting widespread use of the ‘vaccine’ in a pseudoscientific framework under the guise of research. This is a war crime.

experimental vaccine
The Experimental Vaccine Roll Out is Illegal Under the Nuremberg Convention

Working together, we can expose, challenge and hold to account both the architects of this tyranny and those propagandists in the mainstream media who continue to promote it relentlessly through television, radio and the press. We will pursue the perpetrators through every lawful means at our disposal, but we need to work collectively to achieve our overall aim of taking back and protecting forever our sovereign rights as living human beings.

We look forward to you joining us!