8 thoughts on “A Testimony from Dr Anne McCloskey

  1. Marta

    Thank you Dr. McCloskey for standing up. Just want to show my appreciation for being brave and raising your voice against this manufactured, insane crisis. We are not alone!!! From California, Marta.

  2. Brian ONeill

    We do not consent!!! Very well done! thank you for speaking the truth, people need to hear this!.

  3. Phil

    Thank you Dr. Mccloskey. The free world salutes you. We love you for standing up to this tyrrany. ( The only way that evil should prevail is that good men, and good ladies do nothing .} We just need to wake the whole world up and tell these 1% THAT WE DO NOT CONSENT !!!!! We fought two world wars for freedom and won!!!!!! Why should we let these animals try to scare us into believing that we cannot win this third world war. With God on our side, there is no chance of failure !!!!!!

  4. John

    Dr. Fauci has no comment about the masses of illegal immigrants who are pouring across the US borders—no masks, in such close proximity, 10% of which likely have Covid. It was he and Dr. Francis Collins of the National Health Institute along w/a zoologist who were experimenting w/a risky virus that the presented to the Wuhan Labs which likely originated the virus and was let loose accidentally before its intended time. Why no investigations? On February 28, he was bit to alarmed, but just 11 days later he was trying to create much concern and even suggesting the lockdowns. Likely the error became the “Crisis that should not go to waste.” So too with Pope Francis’ associations w/the UN and their Sustainability Summit of 2030 re global education plans, his meeting w/Ms Rothschild and other elites (also massless & in close proximity), the two strange communications in October of 2020 and all of the openness of The Great Reset and Build Back Better (Joe Biden’s theme for his election after his Malarkey theme needed a boost. We must resist. President Trump exposes the Deep State and we realize that it is intersecting with the Deep Church. Resistance !

  5. T STICH

    I am a physician in the US, and your video was viewed by myself and my wife, and my words will not express how powerful your words are.

    I have been in practice for almost 50 years, and I never would have dreamed I would have to be treating patients in the US for a disease that essentially needed no treatment, but more astounded by the realization that I am still trying to manage illnesses brought on by the despicable and fanatical executive orders put in force by our corrupt governmental officials and the stupid mindless bureaucrats who follow only money and power.

    I was under investigation and almost had my license revoked because I dared to treat my SARS patients according to the best medical evidence available and the governor of my state thought he knew more about managing my patients than I did. I have treated thousands of patients from all over the world, and not one required hospital admission. I have not and will not advocate for the use of these EUA vaccines.

    Your video is headlined on my website, and every time my site gets hacked and taken down (now at least a dozen times) I am quick to bring it back online. There are dozens of other renown medical experts that I have included to make available the facts and figures to enlighten anyone who wishes to learn the truth about what is happening to our lives and families.

    Thank you for your amazing spirit.

    You are a true Patriot.

    The path a patriot forges is so unfrequently traveled, that only the true Patriot survives its uncertainty, but certain Liberty if the heart is pure and the path well chosen to include the guidance of God. I am in this fight now because ultimately our children’s lives are at peril –

    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” -Thomas Paine


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